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The trouble with teenagers

June 19, 2012 1 comment

For the past several months I have, due to a back injury, had to use a stick to get around and struggled to stand for any length of time.

I am also a frequent user of public transport.

These are not comfortable bedfellows!

This combination of circumstances has however, given me some insight into modern manners and caused me to examine my own past behaviours.


Now, I haven’t collected empirical data to prove the observations and assertions that I’m about to make but, I believe them to be pretty accurate nevertheless.

Who is most likely to offer their seat to me during rush hour?

Now if I’d thought about this eight or nine months ago I’d have said without a doubt that it would be my generation – I would have been very, very wrong.  I’m on the cusp of middle-age and am sorely disappointed by many of my peers’ lack of courtesy and decency.  It would appear on the face of it that blindness has become endemic amongst this demographic in this part of the world. But then again, “there’s none so blind as them as don’t want to see” as my grandmother frequently told me. Eyes that seem perfectly capable of reading the newspaper are rapidly averted when they alight on the stick in my hand and the pantomime of pretending not to see would be quite entertaining in different circumstances.

If it’s not my generation most willing to offer their seat then, who is? Well it is teenagers of course. You know, those noisy, disrespectful, antisocial creatures who are simply a constant pain in the neck. The lazy, feckless, rioting teenagers that the Daily Mail and other media would have us believe are destined to be a constant drain on our resources for the rest of their natural lives.

Oh and as an aside these aren’t just any teenagers, they’re south London teenagers and they frequently smile when offering their seat. Sadly, they also sometimes look shocked when I thank them for their kindness.

I mentioned earlier that my current circumstances and these observations have led me to re-examine my own past actions too. I am more than a little ashamed to realise that, on occasions at least, I have not offered my seat with good grace to someone more in need of it than me.

What goes around comes around as they say.

I am on the mend now and hopefully will no longer ‘need’ a seat as I do at present. When I have recovered I vow to look up at each stop and if there’s someone more in need of a seat I will offer it with a smile and a thought for all the young people who offered me a seat and by doing so taught me a valuable lesson.